IDC analysts recorded growth of 8.4% in the corporate segment of the WLAN equipment market in the third quarter of 2016

Together with the report relating to the market of printers, MFPs and copiers in the third quarter of 2016, experts of analytical company IDC has published a report for the same period on the market of equipment for wireless local area networks (WLAN).

If the experts correct IDC, the market for equipment for wireless local area networks has increased by only 1.8%. The increase compared to the previous quarter was 6.7%. In monetary terms the market volume made up 2.47 billion. The growth in the corporate segment was 8.4%, while sales in the corporate segment are estimated at 1.45 billion dollars. It is obvious that in the consumer segment is declining. Compared to the third quarter of 2015, sales decreased by 6.3%, about 1.02 billion dollars.

Analysts explain the situation more rapidly transition to 802.11 ac equipment in the corporate sector and a rapid decline in the price of consumer equipment. In the corporate segment on the access point 802.11 ac accounts for 67,1% of the supply and 80.9% of revenue, while consumer — 25,2% and 52.7%, respectively.

Among suppliers of enterprise WLAN equipment leader Cisco with a market share of 43.7 per cent. Second place goes to HP/Aruba from 14.3%. This is followed by Brocade-Ruckus (6,7% market share), Huawei (4.3%) and Ubiquiti (4.3 per cent).

Source: IDC



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