IDC analysts predict that the market recovered smartphones in 2020 will amount to 222,6 million pieces

A large number of smartphones, having been used, is returned to the producers, in particular, exchange programs for more modern models. In many cases these devices after a restore to a condition suitable for sale is recycled into the market. According to estimates IDC, in 2015, the marketplace for refurbished smartphones amounted to 81.3 million units. Verify that this number does not include second-hand devices sold on the secondary market, including, among other users directly.

The marketplace for refurbished smartphones is growing rapidly. According to analysts IDC, by 2020 its volume will reach 222,6 million. Given the previously mentioned increased in the past year, this means that the average annual increase is projected at 22.3 per cent. Moreover, in North America the growth will amount to 29.4%, while the rest of the world and 20.4%.

Source: IDC



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