IDC analysts predict that in 2021, the cost of the Internet of things will reach 1.4 trillion dollars

Experts of the analytical company IDC issued a new forecast concerning the Internet of things (IoT). Analysts believe that this year the market will grow by 16.7%, exceeding $ 800 billion. It is expected that by 2021, spending on IoT will reach 1.4 trillion dollars.

Most of all 105 billion dollars this year on the introduction of IoT will spend manufacturing company. The cost of IoT in supply chains, electricity, gas and water is estimated at 56 billion dollars. On systems for tracking cargo transport will be allocated 50 billion dollars in the stock inventory was estimated at 45 billion dollars. Technology smart buildings will cost customers $ 40 billion. By the way, the most rapidly growing segment of the consumer market are solutions for the smart home, but the entire consumer market is about 12 times less than industrial.

Source: IDC



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