IDC analysts expect the growth of the smartphone market this year

Analysts at IDC has prepared a forecast relating to the smartphone market. According to analysts, the slower was the growth of the smartphone market may again start to increase this year.

According to estimates by IDC, in 2016, the smartphone market grew by 2.5%. However, in the current year is expected to increase by 4.2%, and in 2018 — by 4.4%. The average annual growth in the period from 2016 to 2021, according to experts, will amount to 3.8%. In absolute terms, this means that this year will be shipped to 1.53 billion smartphones, and in 2021 1.77 billion

With regard to the distribution of the market between software platforms, Android’s share this year will reach 85,0%, and in 2021 — 85,3%. Almost the entire rest of the market is iOS. The proportion of devices with this OS will make this year to 14.7%, and in 2021 — is 14.6%. The already rather modest share of Windows Phone and other operating systems in the coming years will only decrease.

Source: IDC


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