IDC analysts expect that in 2018 the income of the services for the first time exceed $ 1 trillion

Experts of the analytical company IDC has prepared a forecast regarding the market of business services and IT services. According to analysts, in 2018, the income received by the services for the first time exceed $ 1 trillion. In the current year expected income of about $ 900 billion, and by 2020 analysts predict a figure close to 1.1 trillion dollars.

The distribution between business services and IT services is that this year the first to earn 287 billion dollars, the second — 649 billion. For the year 2020 are projected indices of 369 and 731 billion, respectively. Most of the income accounts for ordinary services, but the share of cloud services is growing. This year, cloud services will bring their owners more than 98 billion dollars, which exceeds 10% of the market.

Major market services — USA. In second place is Western Europe.

Source: IDC



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