IDC analysts estimate that Apple and Samsung were able to increase sales of smartphones by only a half percent

IDC analysts also decided to publish their estimates about the smartphone market in the last quarter. They’ve done that in the past three months in the world were sold 341.6 million vehicles.

The leader, of course, is Samsung. In this case, the source attributed to the Korean giant 79,8 million smartphones sold, which is close to estimates from Strategy Analytics. For the year Samsung managed to increase sales only 1.4%. Apple, which ranks second with 41 million smartphones, the situation is similar: polutoratonny sales growth.

Huawei ranks third with 38.5 million devices, being able to increase sales to a lot of 19.6%. Oppo have a higher (22.4 per cent), but sales less (27.8 mln). But Xiaomi was able to increase deliveries by an impressive 58.9 per cent, reaching 21.2 million sold in the quarter smartphone.

In General, the analysts ‘ estimates by IDC and Strategy Analytics are very similar, which is not so often.


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