IDC analysts at the last moment adjusted the forecast related to the PC market this year

In June of this year, analyst firm IDC has published a forecast in which it was said that the PC market in 2016 will be reduced by 7.3% in comparison with 2015. Data collected over the past period, allowed the experts of IDC to correct this in the summer assessment. Tomorrow begins the last month of the year, so this forecast can be considered final.

So, according to analysts, this year the market will shrink compared to the previous year by 6.4%. The forecast for 2017 was left unchanged — is expected to decline by 2.1%.

Correction of forecast for the year is that in the third quarter, the market fell by only 4.6% — less than analysts had expected. Among the factors that slowed the reduction in the market, named the ongoing transition to Windows 10. However, the main role was played not he, but the behavior of producers try to increase inventory in anticipation of a shortage of components such as displays and memory. The result will be the increase in supply in the first quarter of 2017, but it will be short-lived.

Source: IDC



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