ID-Cooling SE-214C — relatively compact tower cooler can handle processors with a TDP of 130 watts

Company ID-Cooling has introduced a CPU cooler SE-214C. The cost of the device is still unknown.

The cooler is compatible with all current and AMD and Intel, but for the upcoming AM4 compatibility is not yet declared. Despite the impressive dimensions, the machine will cope with the diversion of up to 130 watts of power.

SE-214C — cooler of tower type. Its construction includes aluminum radiator, brass four six-millimeter heat pipes with direct contact technology, and a fan size of 120 mm.

It rotates at a speed 600-1600 rpm, creating a maximum air flow of 85 m3/h. Noise in the range of 16.2-30.5 dB. The dimensions of the cooler equal to 124 x 76 x 159 mm weight 740 g. In the sale will present three versions with different color LEDs (red, blue, and white).



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