ICS SII S-8224A/B secondary protection of lithium-ion batteries have low power consumption

SII Semiconductor company, a subsidiary company of Seiko Instruments, introduced a series of chips S-8224A/B. These chips are designed for circuits of secondary protection of lithium-ion batteries to the number of cells from two to four. They have low power consumption. Supply current SII S-8224A/B is 0.25 µa, which is much lower than similar products.

Lithium-ion batteries need protection from too much charging, too much discharge, over-current and short-circuit. The use of secondary protection in addition to the protection in the batteries is especially important from the point of view of preventing overheating and fire. According to the manufacturer, ICS SII S-8224A/B enable designers to build an extra level of protection.

The new chip accurately determine the state of charging, measuring the voltage with an accuracy of ±20 mV. Another advantage are the small size of chip is available in packages SNT-8A 2.5 x 2.0 x 0.5 mm.

It is expected that ICS SII S-8224A/B will be used in laptops, power tools and other battery powered devices.

Source: SII


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