IBM spoke about their the new quantum processors

IBM has announced that it has built and successfully tested two new and most powerful universal quantum processor.

The system is based on the first will be available to developers, researchers and programmers to explore quantum computing by means of IBM Cloud platform. The second is a new prototype commercial quantum processor, which will be the basis for the first commercial systems in the framework of the initiative IBM Q.

IBM Q — the industry’s first initiative to create a commercially available universal quantum computing systems for scientific applications and business areas.

The processor, which will form the basis of the system available for developers and scientists, consists of 16 qubits, and the prototype of commercial quantum processor contains 17 qubits and is the most productive quantum processor IBM today.

Note that the D-Wave in the beginning of this year started selling quantum computers 2000Q with over 2000 cubits, but the processors this company use different working principles and are not suitable for generic computing.

Separately, IBM introduced the metric of the Quantum Volume, which she used to describe the characteristics of the computational power of systems. Quantum Volume takes into account the quantity and quality of qubits, the connectivity of channels and the number of errors in operations. In the near future, IBM plans to significantly improve the performance of Quantum Volume and increase the number of qubits in a single processor to 50 and above.



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