IBM reported for fiscal year 2016

IBM reported for the fourth quarter of 2016 financial year and the whole year.

Revenue for the quarter was 21.8 billion dollars, having decreased over the year by 1%. But the result still exceeded analysts ‘ expectations, with the result that the shares of «big blue» grew by 2.9%. Net profit rose by the same 1%, to $ 4.5 billion.

For the year, IBM has helped 79.9 billion dollars, which is less than in 2015 by 2%. But annual net income decreased by 11% and amounted to 11.9 billion dollars.

Prospective directions of activities, which the company calls Strategic Imperatives, brought in the quarter of 9.5 billion dollars (an increase of 11%), and for the full year versus 32.8 billion (an increase of 13%). Cloud business in the quarter has allowed IBM to gain 4.2 billion, corresponding to growth of 33%, and the year brought the company 13.7 billion dollars, which is 35% higher than a year earlier.



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