IBM plans to increase staff by 25 000 employees within four years

According to the CEO of IBM Virginia Rometty (Ginni Rometty), the company plans to increase the staff of 25,000 employees in over four years. I wonder what Mrs. Rometty used the term «new collar» to show the qualitative difference of these jobs from the existing «blue collar» (workers, specialists of physical labor) and «white collar» (office workers, professionals of mental labor).

Without going into the specifics of new employees, Mrs. Rometty noted that the need for such specialists in many branches of the great and largely unmet.

Only in 2017, the company expects to hire about 6,000 people in the United States.

Recall the last time IBM was spending cuts. In may of this year it became known about plans of the dismissal of 14,000 employees. As of late last year, IBM worked 378 000 people.

Source: MarketWatch



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