IBM offers new solutions Watson for specialists of different professions

IBM introduced a series of Watson solutions for professionals in the field of marketing, Commerce, logistics, and personnel management. They are said to allow enterprises and organizations of any size, working in different sectors, to integrate advanced cognitive capabilities to your business.

A key advantage of Watson is a learning ability that allows users to increase existing knowledge, without resorting to the assistance of experts in the field of data processing, to better understand the business processes, to get new information about consumers, uncover exciting opportunities and arguments to make decisions.

The list of new solutions includes Customer Experience IBM Watson Analytics IBM Watson Content Hub, IBM Watson Order Optimizer, IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights, IBM Watson Talent, IBM Watson Workspace and a set of IBM Watson cognitive APIs Work Services.

IBM Watson Work Services collects and analyzes data on customer behavior, helping to correctly assess the target audience and to develop recommendations for its segmentation. Task IBM Watson Content Hub — the understanding and study of the data in the content management system of the company. Using cognitive ability, the service learns to understand the stored data, then to detect and automatically select content, including images, videos, and documents, based on millions of previous examples.

Tool IBM Watson Order Optimizer helps online technicians to process orders, developing, taking into account the need to improve profitability and reduce the cost of all sales channels, with recommendations on everything from network capacity to transport and time costs.

The IBM Watson solution Supply Chain Insights IBM is addressed to professionals in the field of logistics, IBM Watson Talent — employees of the personnel Department. With IBM Watson Workspace, you can automate a list of daily tasks and to improve communication in groups. Finally, IBM Watson Work Services is the set of cognitive API access that developers can get through the website application. They will help to integrate cognitive skills into existing products and applications.

Source: IBM


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