IBM is building the first commercial quantum computer, which will be available in the cloud

In may last year in the cloud the IBM Cloud will have access to the quantum computer. Cloud-based computing platform IBM Quantum Experience with a processor of its own design IBM of the five superconducting qubits has been designed to familiarize and experiment. Since that time, approximately 40,000 users had to spend more than 275 000 experiments using IBM Quantum Experience.

Introducing the design, the manufacturer noted the potential of scaling, allowing to build more complex and versatile system that is suitable for solving practical tasks from the fields of science and business. Today IBM has told about plans of construction of such system, which should become the first commercial quantum computer IBM Q available in the cloud IBM Cloud. Allegedly, IBM Q will cope with some problems the solution of which remains fundamentally inaccessible to today’s supercomputers.

At the same time, IBM announced the release of a new application programming interface (API) for IBM Quantum Experience. This API will allow developers to associate quantum computing with the classical, not possessing deep knowledge in quantum physics.

In addition, the updated version of the emulator IBM Quantum Experience, which can simulate the operation of circuits with up to 20 qubits. In the past six months, IBM plans to release a full development kit software (SDK) for IBM Quantum Experience, which will allow users to create a quantum application.

In the coming years, IBM expects to complete the creation of quantum computers number of qubits is approximately equal to 50.

Applications of quantum computing include the search for new drugs and materials, optimization of logistics, financial modeling, artificial intelligence, and information protection.

Source: IBM Research



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