IBM Intu Project — platform for access to the services of Watson on a variety of devices

IBM last week introduced a pilot version of the platform Project Intu. This platform will allow developers to embed the functions of cognitive supercomputer Watson in devices of various form factors. Now access Project Intu possible through the cloud Watson Developer Cloud and gateways Intu Gateway and GitHub.

According to IBM, the use of Project Intu makes it relatively easy to give cognitive abilities a variety of devices, including robots and devices of the Internet of things. It is expected that this will facilitate the introduction of cognitive technologies. The interaction between devices and users will become more natural to include consideration of the emotional component of behavior.

To put it more practical, developers of such services Watson as Conversation, Language and Visual Recognition, enabling devices to recognize users and communicate with them in natural language. Moreover, the client part can be built on a variety of platforms, ranging from single-Board microcomputer Raspberry Pi to a desktop running macOS, Windows or Linux.

Source: IBM



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