IBM, Globalfoundries and Samsung created the industry’s first transistor to 5-nanometer chips

The IBM, Globalfoundries and Samsung within the Union Research Alliance, with the help of equipment suppliers have been able to develop the industry’s first process technology for the manufacture of transistors with the silicon nanolayers. These transistors will produce a 5-nanometer chips. Note that from the time when IBM managed to create the first 7-nanometer chip with a functioning transistors, less than two years.

Feature of the new transistors, as already mentioned, are nanostructures. Unlike conventional FinFET transistor, 5-nanometer transistor, created by the participants of the Research Alliance, has a shutter of several silicon «nano-sheets».

In comparison with the most advanced existing technology — 10 nm — new technology may increase performance by 40% with the same power consumption or reduce power consumption up to 75% with the same performance.

The researchers note that they just managed to practically demonstrate the efficiency of the chosen approach. According to them, the appearance of 5-nanometer chips — the question is not so distant future.

The representative of Globalfoundries confirmed that following the commercialization in 2018 7-nanometer technology, the company expects to begin development of the provisions of 5 nm or less. As 7 nm, the new technology based on the use of lithography in the hard ultraviolet range (EUV).

Details about the development will be presented today at the opening conference in Tokyo, is devoted to the design and manufacture of BIS.

Source: IBM Research

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