IBM extended the life of tape for another ten years

Some time ago, researchers at IBM Research announced a new record density data recording on magnetic tape 201 GB per square inch. This is the fifth record in this area established by IBM Research, starting in 2006. New record obtained using a prototype tape, developed in conjunction with experts Sony Storage Media Solutions.

To achieve the record, the researchers used an innovative signal processing algorithms on the data channel, designed for reliable performance tunneling magnetoresistive head with an ultra-small width of the magnetic gap of 48 nm. Complex improved technologies drive control provided the accuracy of head positioning is not worse than 7 nm. Finally, another secret — the above-mentioned magnetic tape with reduced friction.

Magnetic tape remains the most reliable, energy-efficient and economical means of storing massive amounts of archival and backup data. The above record value of more than 20 times the recording density in the best commercially available systems, such as IBM TS1155. Potentially, it corresponds to the possibility of production of cartridges volume 330 TB (without compression) to fit on the palm of your hand. As stated in a press release on the new record, IBM scientists have demonstrated the possibility of further development of the technology of storing information on magnetic tape within the next decade.



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