IBM built for the us military computer running on the same principles as the human brain

Modern supercomputers are capable of solving complex tasks, but they rely on brute computing power, whereas the human brain operates on different principles. IBM, in collaboration with the U.S. air force intends to build the world’s first supercomputer running on the same principles as the human brain (at least as I view in the current understanding about the brain).

The system configuration will include an array of 64 cores — «neurosynaptic» chips North. They are connected to each other in the manner of how connected the neurons of the brain. Each core is part of a distributed network and works in parallel with other running events. The consequence of this architecture is the ability to continue working and get results even in case of failure of the core. Allegedly, the computer performance will be equivalent to the performance of the 64 million neurons, 16 billion of synapses. In this case the power consumption of one chip does not exceed 10 watts.

Like other neural networks, the system is mainly to solve the problems of pattern recognition and processing of the data coming from the sensors.

Source: Engadget



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