IBM and Nvidia have been able to accelerate deep learning neural networks

IBM and Nvidia told about the cooperation aimed at accelerating deep learning neural networks. Proposed partners, the solution includes IBM software PowerAI running on a dedicated server of the IBM Power System S822LC processors IBM Power8. A feature server is an interface Nvidia NVLink. Reportedly, this hardware direct interaction between the CPU and GPU have allowed more than double the performance compared to comparable servers with four GPUs in the test to AlexNet neural networks, Caffe. Network Caffe, developed by the Berkeley Vision and Learning Center (BVLC), is one of five included in IBM PowerAI. In addition, IBM PowerAI includes libraries Nvidia GPUDL: cuDNN, cuBLAS and NCCL.

The IBM PowerAI already available. IT is offered free of charge to all users of IBM Power S822LC.

Source: IBM

That NVLink


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