I think Apple products are overrated and inferior in quality to Samsung products

Referring to the results of a survey conducted by UBS, the source claims that users consider Apple products overpriced. In a survey conducted in USA, UK, China, Germany and Japan, took part 6,500 respondents.

Only 20% of respondents believe that Apple products worth the money. By this measure Apple with a large gap appeared in the end of the list. For comparison, the Samsung products are considered fairly valued 48% of survey participants.

Allegiance Marche Apple admitted 29% of respondents. I wonder what tops the list according to the degree of commitment of the users of Samsung with the rate of 35%.

Association with luxury products brand: Apple makes 30% of respondents. And here the basis of a competitor was in front — indicator Samsung is 31%.

Trust Marche Apple 49% of respondents. Index Samsung — 54%.

Finally, 48% of survey participants believe that Apple produces high quality products. The Samsung products are considered high quality 53% of respondents. By the way, is the best indicator in the list.

Analysts say that Apple’s position has deteriorated compared to the same previous survey.

Source: Business Insider


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