Hyperloop Transportation Technologies will show the finished passenger capsule the Hyperloop in the beginning of next year

The company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), is engaged in the development of the concept of the Hyperloop vacuum train, according to a source, said that soon will begin construction of its first passenger capsule.

Create a passenger module is in partnership with the Spanish company Carbures. It is expected that the finished solution will present early next year. This is a version of the capsule, which will be used later in the work.

It is already known that the capsule has a length of 30 meters and a width of 2.7 m and weight 20 tons. It will be designed for 28-40 passengers. HTT also reports that the speed will be more than 1200 km/h, but it is indicative that, with minimal modifications, appears in all the news related to Hyperloop.

Actually still there is no full-fledged test track. Accordingly, there was never a single full test with large enough models, so to talk about reaching some specific speed is hardly correct.

So far the only test that can be called even remotely relevant concept of the Hyperloop was held at the beginning of the year in the competition Hyperloop Pod Competition.



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