Hyperloop Transportation Technologies will open a laboratory in France

As we previously reported, the company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) is considering the possibility of building a Hyperloop branches in Europe. In the past year, called Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest as the cities which can connect the first tunnel «vacuum trains».

As it became known, the HTT will open an office in Toulouse, where it will conduct some of their research. The object of 3,000 m2 allocated to the company by the city administration. In addition to the building at the disposal of the company falls and the surrounding land on which, apparently, it will be possible to test certain technologies.

Thus, we can say that Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is really determined to concentrate their forces on Europe, and Hyperloop One dealing with the development of technologies focused primarily on the UAE, Asia and the USA. Whose bid will be successful, only time will tell.



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