Hyperloop One is considering building the line in Europe

The company Hyperloop One continues to plan the construction of high-speed transport lines. The choice of possible routes takes place in the framework of the competition Global Challenge, to which the applying city who would like to get a station for «vacuum train».

When choosing a route the company will take into account technical and economic factors. In Europe, the list includes nine lines of different lengths. Some of them cross national boundaries, and part of it passes through the water. In the latter case, it is assumed laying submerged tunnels.

The shortest route, presented on competition, would be able to connect Estonia and Finland — its length is only 90 km from the Polish city made application for a route length of 415 km. the Netherlands proposes to connect the dots, spaced apart at a distance of 428 km. the Fourth-longest route-a candidate with a length of 451 km could link Corsica and Sardinia. In the Northern part of great Britain proposed a pipeline with a length of 545 km. the Route, which would connect the cities in Spain and Morocco, has a length of 629 km, a Few more — 666 km long line between the North and the South of the UK. The route from Scotland to Wales with a length of 1060 km in length is second only to the construction of a Hyperloop in Germany with a total length of the line 1991 km.

Source: Engadget



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