Hyperloop One introduced the concept of high-speed transport system in UAE

The Hyperloop One company announced a partner agreement with the authorities of Dubai has introduced the concept of high-speed Autonomous transport system, which in future should appear in the UAE.

The system will include several «hyperpartisan» (Hyperportals ), located in Dubai (including a portal into the Burj Khalifa). Also in the first stage it is planned to connect Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This will allow to overcome the distance between cities in 12 minutes, not two hours spent today on the car. In the future the system will cover other cities.

The developers showed concept art portals and «hypermodel» (Hyperpods), which will move passengers. The emphasis is on how comfortable and free inside new types of vehicles. People with claustrophobia will have nothing to fear.

Currently Hyperloop One with partners, considering how this idea can translate into reality.

No dates are not known, so far, everything indicates that the company is just looking for sources of funding.



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