Hynix also plans to increase production of DRAM through the construction of a new factory in China

It is no secret that the market for DRAM memory deficit and, consequently, rising prices. This is due to different aspects. Among other things, the reluctance of market leaders to increase production, as they benefit from the rising prices.

However, a couple of days ago we learned that Samsung is considering the ability to increase production volumes by the end of next year. And now Hynix allegedly said about the intention to do the same.

The source claims that the company recently signed a deal with the authorities of the Chinese city of Wuxi to build a new factory for the production of DRAM memory. The total investment is estimated at $ 8.6 billion. The plant will produce up to 200 000 plates per month. However, given the volume of investment, it is possible to speak about a very large plant, so it is unlikely that it will launch in the near future.

At the moment in Wuxi Hynix have already have a factory, producing 130 000 plates per month, which is about half of total production DRAM this company.



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