Hydrogen Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell of the second generation will have a range of up to 560 km

Serial consumer of hydrogen cars in the world very little. Models can be counted on the fingers and while much zeal from automakers to replenish their number is not seen.

But, for example, Hyundai intends to release a new hydrogen car. At this point in the company’s range is the model Tucson Fuel Cell (it — ix35 Fuel Cell), at the time, setting a speed record for such machines (152 km/h).

According to sources, Hyundai in the next two years will launch two new cars running on hydrogen fuel cells. It will be a bus and a crossover. In the second case it is about the new Tucson hydrogen Fuel Cell. It is known that the reserve will be increased in relation to the existing version of 30%, this means that the new car will go on «full tank» of about 560 km, although the range depends on many factors.

New hydrogen crossover will release in January 2018, and will show, most probably before. The price for a new Hyundai will try to keep at 50 000 dollars, which is an advantage of machines of the company to the main competitors in the face of the Honda Clarity and Toyota Mirai.



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