Hybrid smart watch Kronaby work up to two years without replacing the power supply

As we previously reported, according to the forecast of experts Juniper Research, by 2021, the market of smart hours will be not less than 40% of hybrid models.

We are talking about a watch with an analogue dial and hands, which have the functionality of smart watches. Porcelain smart watch Fenwatch, for example, work up to 12 months without battery replacement.

The company Kronaby introduced a hybrid smart watches, which, according to the manufacturer, will be able to work from a single battery for two years.

If we talk about smart functionality, they can notify you by vibration on calls, messages and reminders, count the number of steps, distance traveled and so on.

Two buttons can be programmed to perform various actions, for example, control music player, camera and so on.

The price of smart watches Kronaby start at 345 euros, taking pre-orders starts soon. In sale they will arrive on March 31.


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