Hybrid processor console PS4 Slim was transferred to the 16-nanometer process technology

Tomorrow Sony should show the PS4 Slim console. Along with it might announce PS4 Neo, designed for games in 4K resolution.

But now it’s not about her. PS4 Slim pictures we’ve seen. The console is really more compact than the existing model. It turns out that a change in the external dimensions is not limited.

As it became known, the hybrid processor consoles have kept the configuration, but produced by a more subtle process than the predecessor. At the moment, the AMD APUS are produced according to the norms of 28 nm. As you can see in the photo, the new APU is much smaller.

Chip the new console

Chip old console

The source says about the 16-nanometer process technology. It is possible to reduce the power consumption of the APU and the entire console in General. So the built-in power supply unit now has a capacity of 160 watts instead of 200 watts.



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