Hybrid mobile AMD Ryzen will focus mostly on expensive laptops of different segments

At the last event AMD has said little about the upcoming mobile APUS Ryzen.

We were told that these decisions will be targeted at premium mobile devices. In particular, ultraportable and hybrid mobile PCs and gaming solutions. That is, apparently, expect cheap Ryzen APU for the mobile segment this year is not worth it.

In comparison with the current now the seventh generation of APU, the new hybrid processors, AMD promises ensure polutorakratnoe increase the performance of CPU, 40-procentnyy the increase of GPU performance and twice the power consumption.

In addition, AMD has finally officially confirmed that the mobile APUS will be used Ryzen GPU generation Vega.

Unfortunately, the timing of the announcement of mobile APUS are not named. AMD just said that they will appear in the second half, but the roadmap suggests that this will happen still in the third or early in the fourth quarter, not the end of the year.



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