Hybrid gaming device GPD Win once again updated, getting a better CPU

Last year on the site Indiegogo was successfully completed campaign to raise funds for the GPD device Win. It’s kind of a hybrid mobile game consoles and very compact laptop.

The device is equipped with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inch and runs on Windows 10. Well, it is possible to evaluate the photo yourself. Literally after a couple of months it became known that the creators of the device have decided ahead of time to improve its parameters, replacing the Intel Atom x5-Z8500 on Atom x5-Z8550, and eventually appeared in the sale of PC at all with the Atom x7-Z8700.

And here it became known that GPD Win again refreshed. This time we are talking about replacing the CPU on the Atom x7-Z8750, the usage of eMMC memory Samsung improved keyboard and improved rubber pads on play button. Also, the developers have updated the software. Despite the fact that on the official website and online shops still appear the old settings, some buyers claim to have received the updated device.

However, the sad thing is that no Atom x5-Z8500 or more productive Atom x7-Z8750 called the game not even. So the list of games that are available for owners of Win GPD, limited to very old or primitive in terms of graphics projects.


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