Hull fan Antec 120 Rainbow RGB supports up to 256 shades of

The range of case fans Antec with a new model Rainbow 120 RGB. As the name implies, the size of the new model is 120 mm, and its led backlighting displays up to 256 shades of dynamic effects or static displays up to seven colors, user-selected profile is saved after turning off the PC. Profiles lighting change by pressing a small button.

Due to the special shape of the blades directing the air flow to the outer side, increases the level of static pressure and the flow is better distributed inside the system unit. Hydraulic bearings extend service life while the rubber seals in the places of mounting holes to reduce vibration and noise.

The maximum rotational speed reaches 1200 rpm, air flow of 1.2 cubic meters per minute. Connector for three-pin power supply, nominal voltage of 12 V. the noise Level should not exceed 24,8 dBA. Fan Antec 120 RGB Rainbow estimated at 15 euros.



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