Huawei will continue to use the MediaTek SoC in smartphone Y3 and Y5 of the new generation

Huawei has introduced a smartphone, Y3, and Y5 of the second generation in the spring of this year, so their receivers will appear in about three months. However, the Network has already appeared some details about Huawei Y3 and Y5 III III.

Writes one user of the microblogging service Twitter, Huawei, Y3, and Y5 of the new generation will be presented in two ways: the first involves the use of MT6737 MediaTek SoC, the second SoC MediaTek MT6580. This is due to geographical differentiation. But the operating system and in that and in other case one: Android 6.0.

More about the characteristics of smartphones, says nothing. But judging from the change in a platform (in the current generation, Y3, and Y5 are used and MediaTek MT6735 MediaTek MT6582), no important changes will not. You may increase the amount of flash memory, camera resolution and battery capacity, but is unlikely to count for something more.

Source: Roland Quandt Twitter



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