Huawei wants to create a smartphone that will be able to smell and taste

The theme of artificial intelligence is now on everyone’s lips. Implying by this term something quite different from what we normally read in books and see in movies, manufacturers have rushed to develop various voice assistants and other assistants.

According to the source, Huawei is planning to significantly increase investment in research and development on technologies of artificial intelligence. The goal is to create a smartphone that will be able to «smell, taste, hear and see as well as people.» To say that the task is ambitious, to say nothing. And if the last two paragraphs in one form or another already trying to implement some companies, the smells and especially the tastes Huawei was overdoing it.

But in fact, Huawei said that these smartphones will appear in the future. This word can be understood the next two years, and 22, so disingenuous, the company only partially. But to allocate money for R & d are now, not sometime in the future.

According to Global Innovation 1000 Study, Huawei this year spent on R & d of 9.48 billion, which allowed the manufacturer to take first place among Chinese companies and ninth in the world. However, what proportion of these funds went to the development of technology for AI, unknown.



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