Huawei threatens five years to become the market leader in PC

Last year, Huawei had stated that in five years intends to become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. While this situation seems unlikely, but at least the company shows impressive growth from year to year.

But a new statement yet and does seem far from reality. As the source said chief operating officer of consumer business group Huawei Biao WAN (Wan Biao), the company intends in the near future to become the world’s largest PC manufacturer!

And this despite the fact that its first laptops Huawei introduced only last year. But recently, the manufacturer released MateBook X and MateBook D. Biao Wang said that whenever Huawei decides to enter a new market, the company’s goal is leadership in this segment. The aim is undoubtedly laudable, but the PC market is in decline for a long time, so even to take a substantial share here will be difficult.

But that did not stop Huawei representative to say that the company needs three to five years to become a leader in this market. Unfortunately, data on the sales of their laptops over the past year, Biao Wang not led.



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