Huawei Samsung lost in court and is now required to pay a fine

According to the source, a Chinese court has ordered a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics to pay a fine in favor of Huawei. The Korean giant was accused of patent infringement.

In particular, patent infringement, Huawei was recorded in more than 20 models of smartphones Samsung, including the Galaxy S7. All of these devices have sold more than 30 million worth of 12.7 billion dollars, although not reported, for what period of time.

In the end, Samsung is obliged to pay Huawei 11.6 million. The amount is very modest by the standards of some of the fines, but in this case it is important that the court recognized the violation of a large number of patents from Samsung.

Also recall that Huawei filed by Samsung in court and in the U.S., but the outcome of the proceedings in this country have yet to learn.

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