Huawei, SAIC Motor and China Mobile showed a remote control car for 5G network

During a recent event, Mobile World Congress Shanghai in 2017 China Mobile, SAIC Motor and Huawei demonstrated the world’s first remote control car, based on the use of 5G network. According to partners, the demonstration confirmed the capabilities of 5G networks, including high bandwidth and low latency in C-band. It is argued that the design laid the Foundation for the development of connected «smart» cars. The demonstration became a milestone in improving the reliability of self-driving vehicles and their commercialization.

In the framework of cooperation, Huawei provided wireless solution 5G, providing a connection conceptually smart car iGS, developed by specialists of the company SAIC Motor, China Mobile has provided communication services.

During the demonstration, the driver was more than 30 miles from the car. In real time he got on 5G network image with multiple HD cameras installed on the vehicle and providing an angle of 240° (this wider field vision of a person, in average 180-190°). Control commands for the steering wheel and the accelerator and brake were also transferred using the connection 5G with ultra-low latency (less than 10ms) needed to instantly react to changing traffic situations.

Remote management can be claimed when the presence of the driver in the car in some conditions it is undesirable or impossible. In addition, it may be useful in the operation of the Park self-driving cars. Remote driver as needed to take control of a machine, while the rest move independently for more simple sites of a route.

Source: Huawei



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