Huawei refused to change fire charger smartphone Huawei P10

A user on Chinese social network Weibo under the name @WEN Xiao Xiang published a story about how the charger of the smartphone Huawei P10 caught fire during use. In this case the charger has been used only twice since purchase.

Huawei representatives sent to the house of the user of electricians to check whether the cause of the fire is the charger or the problem is in the wiring of the house. Experts found no problems with the wiring, but the service is not hurried to respond.

In the message @WEN Xiao Xiang said that Huawei continues to try to blame the fire of his house, which was built just six years ago.

The user adds that he called from the office with a request to remove a message from Weibo.

Huawei representatives have not yet commented on the situation.



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