Huawei is also working on flexible smartphone, which may come out next year

For many years we know that Samsung develops flexible smartphone. While we have not seen even a prototype of such a product which would be close to the real device.

And yet another rumor claims that the announcement had the production model scheduled for next year, the head of Huawei announced that the Chinese giant is also working on a similar smartphone.

Moreover, Huawei is already a prototype, although it is not yet ready to show. Actually originally it was just about a folding smartphone. Richard Yu (Richard Yu) said that in the prototype there are two display and, consequently, the frame between them, and this needs to be corrected. He also noted that the production of the product requires the best technology of flexible screens, so we are talking about a flexible smartphone. The head of Huawei said that does not preclude the release of such a device next year.

On the other hand, the company does not have its own production of displays and, therefore, totally dependent from the competitors. Given that at the moment the leaders of this trend are Samsung and LG, it is possible that Huawei will have to wait until some of these companies will not release your product and then start to sell suitable displays comers.



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