Huawei introduced a smart watch for kids with characters from Disney and Marvel

Yesterday, Huawei announced new smart watches, the potential audience which are children. The watch was developed in cooperation with the companies of Disney and Marvel, the choice offered versions of Mickey and Minnie mouse, cartoon characters Frozen and Captain America.

Children’s smart watch Huawei module is equipped with GPS to monitor the location of your offspring, panic button, which allows you to send a message to the smartphone of parents, as well as compass and accelerometer. In addition, this watch uses a GSM module that will allow you to make a call to the stored number in case of emergency. All messages and recordings are saved on the cloud server Huawei.

The watch comes with a PMOLED display with a diagonal of 1.3 inches, they can be synchronized with smartphones running iOS and Android. To charge the battery capacity of 300 mA•h it takes about two hours, it lasts about a day and a half of work. The watch is protected from dust and moisture in accordance with the requirements of the standard IP55.

In addition, users of these smart watch can exchange information with a handshake, this functionality got the name Shake.

Watch will be sold at a price of about $ 104.



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