Huawei increased its revenues last year by 32%

Huawei has published a report on the results of the 2016 fiscal year. Each of the business units managed to achieve financial growth.

Huawei’s revenue for the year reached to 75.1 billion, an increase of 32%. Net profit rose just 0.4% to 37.1 billion dollars. Total R & d investments for the year reached $ 11 billion.

A division of Huawei Carrier BG has brought the company 41.8 billion dollars, increasing figures by 24%. A division of Huawei Enterprise BG has saved $ 5.9 billion, which is 47% higher than the previous year.

A division of Huawei Consumer BG sold last year, 139 million smartphones and rescued 25.9 billion dollars, having increased its revenue by 44%.



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