Huawei expects more than 100 percent growth in consumer business in India for the year

As you know, Huawei is very active comes on the heels of Apple, and at least two summer months was able to take the second place in the world in terms of smartphone sales. Given the lack of hype around the iPhone 8 may, the Chinese giant continues to occupy this place.

As it became known, is not the least achievement of Huawei come from India. In this country, for the year the manufacturer expects to commit more than 100% of simple sales of their mobile devices!

To be more precise, the Huawei representative said that he expected more than 100% growth in consumer business in India, but the Foundation of this business at Huawei — smartphones and tablets.

In the end, for the year of the Chinese giant aims to take 10% of the smartphone market of India. Thus at the beginning of the year Huawei was not even in the top five, in which the same 10 percent share of the second place was occupied Vivo.



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