Huawei expects in 2017 to increase the share in three markets: smartphones, tablets and laptops

As we reported, the share of Huawei in the smartphone market in the last quarter increased from 7.7% to 8.7%. For the quarter, Huawei is ranked third in the world in terms of delivery of the product, being, moreover, among the three Chinese companies in top five, which increased the supply, while occupying first and second place Samsung and Apple have reduced the supply.

According to the source, Huawei expects to strengthen the cooperation with Taiwanese contract manufacturers and increase in 2017 their share not only in the smartphone market, but also on the markets of tablets and laptops.

In the market of smartphones Huawei is planning to step in several directions. It is expected that the new Nova series will allow us to compete with Oppo and Vivo in the segment of the youth models. The task is to increase sales via online channels rests with the Honor brand, and in the upper segment, the company relies on the machines that will be used SoC HiSilicon Technologies.

The growth in the tablet market allows us to hope the preliminary results of the current year: Huawei managed to sell more devices than were intended.

As for laptops, their sales while less than planned. However, do not lose optimism, hoping to introduce in 2017 a new series of models with screen sizes 13 and 15 inches. To order their release Huawei expects from Foxconn Group.

Source: Digitimes



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