Huawei commented on the information about the different types of flash memory in the smartphone Huawei P10

This morning we reported that the smartphone Huawei P10 can meet flash memory 2.1 UFS, UFS 2.0 and eMMC 5.1.

Test the app Androbench 5.0 shows that the read speed Huawei P10 with different flash memory can be less than 300 MB/s and 700 MB/s. Huawei was quick to comment on this information.

The press attache of the company said that flash memory for Samsung P10 deliver credible suppliers that operate in accordance with the requirements of Huawei. The statement said that not only system-on-chip and memory affect the performance of the smartphone and user experience. They are determined by a combination of various factors, both the hardware and software (we are talking about the shell EMUI and so ON).

Huawei adds that the test Androbench 5.0, which determines the operation speed of flash memory, does not reflect the situation with the performance of this memory in a specific system.

In other words: performance Huawei P10 all right. Versions of the smartphone, which in real conditions are slower than others, does not exist. This is the official position of the company.



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