HTC will open a theme VR-Viveland parks in the US and Europe

In late October, HTC has opened in Taiwan’s first theme Park virtual reality Viveland, which presents a variety of content for the helmet HTC Vive.

Users area of more than 333 m2, equipped with projectors, high quality audio equipment, convenient moving sofas and other appliances. In the areas of augmented reality installed green screens in the background which players can record their gaming sessions and share them with friends.

The Park is divided into four thematic areas. For HTC Vive at the time of the opening of the Park there are more than 20 rides, including climbing Everest (Everest VR), shooting zombies in the Zombie Camp, the destruction of the fruit in Fruit Ninja VR shooter Front Defense, and so on.

A half-hour play session costs about $12 for 15 minutes asking less than half. Visit each themed area also costs $6.

HTC has promised to open similar parks in the United States, Europe and China, while not naming a specific city.



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