HTC Vive Tracker will take the movement of any object in virtual reality

As we saw recently, the virtual reality headset HTC Vive, the players are more popular than competing solutions. Needless to say, the company understands this and tries to develop success.

So, at CES 2017 HTC has revealed Vive Tracker. This is a small device whose appearance can be assessed through the photo.

Vive Tracker is used to «move» any object in virtual reality. To be precise, to transfer its movement and position in space. The point is simple. Vive Tracker is attached to any subject and, thanks to the many sensors in this device all movements of the object in reality this exact way again in the virtual.

For example, you can attach it to a toy gun and play some games of the FPS genre. Much nicer and more comfortable will not only see a gun in a virtual reality, but also to keep it in your hands. Similarly, it is possible to do in any RPG in the style of fantasy where ordinary stick or plastic replica will do instead of a sword.

Again, Vive Tracker determines where it is attached, not scans and not recreates in virtual reality the real object. He only brings back his movements. You can pick up a spoon and simulate a virtual gun to her, but the correspondence of visual and tactile information, really gives a different feeling when immersed in virtual reality.

Also not to say that Vive Tracker has its own battery, which capacity is enough for approximately six hours. Vive Tracker will initially be available to developers of devices and later, you may be able to buy standard users. While the price has not been announced.



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