HTC Link — virtual reality headset using a smartphone, but is equipped with its own displays and a set of sensors

The company HTC has presented a new virtual reality headset. It is irrelevant to the model Vive, as it is designed to work with a smartphone.

More specifically, with the flagship HTC U11. The novelty is called HTC Link and does not work as you would think. Headset that requires a smartphone, and use the computing power of the mobile device and its display.

HTC Link works a little differently. The smartphone in this case is used to process data, but a set of sensors and displays from your headset. The device has two screens with a diagonal of 3.6 inches resolution 1080 x 1200 pixels with a frame rate of 90 Hz. The angle is 110 degrees. Also the headset has a set of sensors to track movements of the device taking into account six degrees of freedom.

It is known that HTC Link will be available only in Japan. However, the platform’s Daydream 2.0 soon on the market should get a similar, but completely Autonomous headset. Most likely, HTC will also introduce such a device, not requiring connection of a smartphone.



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