HTC launches its own app store for the headset Vive — Viveport

HTC has launched its own app store Viveport headset virtual reality (VR) Vive. The store will be available in October and it is unclear whether the content is available to owners of other devices VR.

In addition, the representative of HTC various flattering epithets describe opportunities Viveport, it can be noted that the first two days after the store opened popular apps and games will be available for just $1.

In addition to direct store Viveport will include a forum where you can discuss games and Vive, as well as a personal Cabinet for each user. In order to stir up interest in the launch, HTC said about different drawings of keys that will give access to the content store. Viveport will be available as from the headset Vive, and through the official website and mobile apps.



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