HTC is developing a VR headset that requires the use of a smartphone, but will not be as primitive as the Samsung Gear VR

As we recently learned, last year were sold 420 000 VR headsets HTC Vive. This is almost twice more than managed to sell the Oculus, although significantly less than Sony managed to implement.

Anyway, if we talk about the PC market and a full-fledged VR headsets, HTC Vive — best selling. The most sold headsets in General have become the Samsung Gear VR. With all this, it is logical that HTC is going to enter the market of headsets that require the connection of a smartphone. Such devices are cheap and allow you to see the world of VR at the elementary level with minimal cost.

It is reported that the headset will be compatible with smartphones HTC U Ultra. This new product supposedly won’t be so primitive as Gear VR. A representative of HTC said that the company has a good idea how to combine mobility and virtual reality. But, unfortunately, the details we have not yet solved, so what will HTC stand out among other similar, is unclear.

With regard to timing, we only know that the headset should be expected in the current year.



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