HTC again is credited with an intention to return to contract manufacturing of smartphones

A few days ago we learned that HTC will stop making cheap smartphones and will significantly reduce range. At this step, the company decided not from good life. HTC continues to suffer losses as smartphone sales decline.

Against this background, in the Network again there were predictions about the possibility of the return of HTC to the sources. That is, to contract manufacturing of smartphones. In particular, the analyst BayStreet Research cliff Maldonado (Maldonado Cliff), who recently suggested that the new flagship HTC will not appear on the U.S. market. And now it appeared even more reason.

For example, the HTC smartphones have almost disappeared from the assortments of the us mobile operators. On the websites of AT&T and T-Mobile HTC devices now there, and though Verizon sells two models, but in fact their presence is almost none.

Maldonado said that the launch of smartphones Pixel, which, recall, are produced at the facilities of HTC, the output of exclusive models Bolt for the operator Sprint, as well as staff reductions indicate that HTC can return to contract manufacturing. This analyst did not specify whether it considers that the company has refused to release its own smartphones.



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