HP Z8 G4 workstation with two 28-core processors, 3 TB of RAM and a power supply 1700 W

HP today announced the Z8 G4 — the most productive workstation on the planet, if you believe the press release.

All of the parameters, the manufacturer does not disclose, but we know that the PC can be equipped with two 28-vigorous Intel Xeon Platinum 8180, 3 TB of RAM, the data warehouse, with a total volume of 48 TB and three graphics cards Nvidia Quadro P6000. All this powered by a unit with a capacity of 1700 watts. Of course, there will be more configurations available, but no details.

Thanks to images, we can consider six USB 3.0 ports and connectors COM, Ethernet (x2), PS/2 (x2). About the cost data are not available.

In addition to the model Z8, HP announced also younger Z6 and Z4. They are also a minimum of information. The first maximum configuration can offer a single processor Intel Xeon Platinum 8180, 384 GB RAM, 4 TB of storage adapter Quadro P6000, and the second CPU Intel Xeon W-2155, 256 GB RAM, 4 TB of storage and the same Quadro P6000.



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